Why Ghana?

The Tano Basin of Ghana is located on the West African Transform margin. It currently remains the most prolific petroleum basin in Ghana. Source rocks from the Albian and younger which charge the upper Cretaceous reservoirs, and the presence of regional marine seals and fault and pinch-out plays have thus far proven successful.

The 2007 Jubilee field has been the catalyst for renewed exploration activity, yielding several new discoveries. New high-quality seismic data is key to delineating the remaining traps, particularly the pre-Albian section.


Our Data Coverage

Our Data

The two TGS surveys covering offshore Ghana, Togo and Benin with regional 2D have been recently reprocessed and merge 22,482 km of multi-client 2D seismic data from West Africa Regional and West Africa Well-Tie surveys. TGS can now provide Clari-FITM data in Time and Depth products across the Gulf of Guinea.

Next Opportunities

Opportunities to commit to one of the future 3D seismic surveys in the Ghana Tano Basin over a mix of held and open acreage are available. Most exciting is the opportunity to invest in the newest state-of-the-art multibeam and seafloor sampling campaign to de-risk the plays and identified leads offshore Ghana. To benefit from preferential license fees, don't hesitate to contact TGS for more information.


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