TGS Seismic Data - Asia Pacific - Indonesia Map (1256 x 752)

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia is believed to hold significant oil and gas reserves that remain to be discovered. Together with its active licensing round process, it is an attractive country for oil and gas exploration. Offshore Indonesia presents a large offshore area with numerous basins to explore, providing enormous potential for future large discoveries.

Our Data Coverage

Our Data

Tarakan 3D Seismic
TGS offers 3,336 km2 of 3D seismic data in the Tarakan Basin.  The data were acquired in 2010 and 2011 and have been reprocessed as a single volume.
Kutei 2Dcubed
The Kutei 2Dcubed survey covers 115,078 km2 of both the onshore and offshore Kutei Basin, providing complete coverage of the prolific Kutei Delta.
East Java 2Dcubed
The  East Java 2Dcubed survey covers 159,153 km2 with data in the East Java Basin, Makassar Straits and ties into the Kutei 2D cubed survey to the north.
West Berau 2Dcubed
The West Berau 2Dcubed survey covers 10,000 km2 and includes 2,880 km of new 2D seismic acquisition, covering the Bintuni and Salawatu Basins.
TGS Seismic Data - Asia Pacific - Indonesia East Java 2D Line
TGS Seismic Data Example - Malaysia - Natuna (1256 x 752) (1)

Indonesia Prospectivity

Kutei Basin
Containing an extensive Tertiary deltaic system, most of the oil and gas reserves discovered in the basin are within the sandstone reservoirs of the Kutei Delta.  As the recent discovery at Geng North (5TCF) has demonstrated, there is significant remaining potential.
Tarakan Basin
Situated north of the Kutei Basin, it shares many of the same characteristics. The play targets in the Tarakan Basin are Tertiary deltaic and deep-water sandstones.
East Java Basin
Most discoveries are in Tertiary carbonate reservoirs. The basin is a back-arc basin, so there is further potential for future discoveries in Tertiary clastic and volcanic reservoirs.
Berau (Bintuni) Basin
Discoveries in this basin are primarily found in Permian and Jurassic fluvial and shallow marine sandstones.  Reservoir potential exists in shallow Miocene carbonates in the basin, with Tertiary source rocks also present.

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