TGS has been active in Australia since 1998, building up an extensive database that consists of 2D, 2Dcubed and 3D seismic data, gravity and magnetics data, and Facies Map Browsers in the Carnarvon, Roebuck, Browse, Bonaparte, and Otway Basins. Australia is an attractive investment location with abundant energy resources for exploration and development. 


Our Data Coverage

Capreolus 3D

  • Coverage includes the Dorado Oil Discovery
  • 22,315 km2 3D multi-client seismic survey
  • Phase 2 announced in 2022 (additional 4,500 km2)
  • Located in Bedout & Beagle Sub Basins

Huzzas 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
  • 2,200 km2 3D multi-client seismic data
  • Reprocessed 2017-2020
  • Coverage over the Barrow Sub-Basin

Northwest Shelf

  • Vast 270,000 km2 2Dcubed (pseudo-3D) dataset
  • Created using ‘structurally conformable interpolation’ to covert 2D data to 3D
  • Reprocessed 2018-2020
  • Regional Northwest Shelf coverage

Olympus 3D

  • Coverage includes the Ironbark well
  • 19,000 km2 3D multi-client seismic data
  • Reprocessed 2017
  • Located over the Carnarvon Basin

North Carnarvon 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
  • 55,000 km2 3D multi-client seismic data
  • Reprocessed 2017-2020
  • Carnarvon Basin coverage

Otway 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
    8,200 km2 3D multi-client seismic data
  • Reprocessed 2018-2019
  • Otway Basin coverage
Asia Region THUMB

See also: Asia Region

TGS has a wide range of planned and on-the-shelf seismic data across Asia, covering established hydrocarbon provinces in Malaysia as well as frontier basins in Timor-Leste and Indonesia.


Subsurface Interpretation

For the Geoscientist who needs regional subsurface knowledge, TGS’ multi-disciplinary Geoscience Interpretation group has consistently delivered best-in-class multi-client, basin-wide studies to the industry for over 20 years to reduce the risk, time and cost of the exploration-cycle.