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Information concerning the proposed TGS Otway 3D seismic survey in the Commonwealth waters offshore Victoria and Tasmania.


TGS proposes undertaking a three-dimensional (3D) multi-client marine seismic survey (MSS) in the Otway Basin, in Commonwealth waters offshore of Victoria and Tasmania.

In accordance with the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009, TGS has submitted the Environment Plan (EP) for the survey for assessment by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA). 

 TGS is supplying this as an information page for Fishers.

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Information Document

The following document details the proposed activity, the survey area, TGS Environmental performance, Control measures, Our Commitments, and FAQ's:

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company Pty Ltd (TGS) propose undertaking a three-dimensional multi-client marine seismic survey (3D MC MSS) in the Otway Basin, in Commonwealth waters offshore from Victoria, and Tasmania (referred to as the Otway Basin 3D MC MSS).  The survey will provide 3D data coverage and improved subsurface imaging to provide an improved understanding of the subsurface, which to-date has been limited to sparse 2D coverage. 

The Operational Area (OA) represents where all activities managed under the EP will occur and includes the Acquisition Area (AA).  The OA is located ~38 km from land at the closest point. The AA lies within the OA and is where seismic acquisition will occur.  Smaller discrete surveys will be acquired within the AA which covers ~45,000 km2; however, this entire area will not be surveyed.  Water depths range from 510 m to 5,650 m.

The TGS Otway Basin 3D MC MSS will also include a ‘tie-in’ to existing geophysical data from previously drilled wells.  One tie-line will extend onto the continental shelf; however, this tie-line represents a few hours of active source time in shallower waters.  At the shallowest point, the tie-line is in a water depth of approximately 115 m and additional control measures will be implemented for this.

The TGS Otway Basin 3D MC MSS will commence following regulatory approval and will be completed by 30 September 2027.  The maximum acquisition during any calendar year is 200 days or 8,000 km2 (whichever is reached first) with a maximum of 400 days or 15,000 km2 (whichever is reached first) over the duration of the EP; however, due to temporal controls for managing impacts to various environmental sensitivities, the duration is likely less.