Sustainability Mitigations for Suppliers and Vendors

Supply chain management is critical to our success. Our Supplier Code of Conduct and related policies ensure our supply chain understands our priorities. We expect our suppliers to incorporate similar priorities and practices related to (i) business and ethics integrity, (ii) health, safety and the environment and (iii) labor and human rights into its operations. We work with partners and third parties to stress the importance of operating sustainably, ethically and in compliance with the law and our policies.


Supplier Code of Conduct

In accordance with our Code of Conduct and Statement of Values, our suppliers, vendors, and contractors should uphold the highest standard of business ethics, transparency and sustainability and be committed to the principles set forth below.

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Supplier Terms and Conditions

We value our partnership with you. To ensure clarity and transparency, we have outlined our terms and conditions on our website. Please visit the dedicated regional 'Terms and Conditions' pages to familiarize yourself with our expectations and guidelines. Your adherence to these terms is essential for a smooth and successful collaboration. 

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TGS Policies

TGS has set the following workforce policies to establish best practices for acceptable guidelines at our business.

Code of Conduct

Health and Safety Policy

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Human Rights Policy

Anti-corruption Policy

Data Privacy Policy

Environmental Policy

Whistleblower Policy