Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Foundational Machine Learning models trained on the most extensive geosciences data library in the industry


Harness the Power of TGS Machine Learning Cloud Infrastructure and Access the Largest Geoscience Data Library

Utilize our machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to extract valuable insights from energy data and facilitate informed decision-making. With ML/AI integrated into various aspects of our data products and services, both TGS and our clients benefit from increased accuracy and efficiency.




Our robust ML image classification foundational models for salt interpretation produce best-in-class results. Based on training with the most extensive seismic data library, our SaltNet significantly expedites interpretation and velocity model building projects, resulting in quicker turnaround times.


ML Swell Noise Reduction

A deep learning-based approach for removing swell noise from field shot gathers as part of our imaging platform. It uses a global model that can generalize and improve efficiency by disrupting traditional physics-based processing sequences.


Analytics Ready LAS (ARLAS)

The coverage now reaches all unconventional basins in the US by utilizing advanced machine learning models and petrophysical conditioned log data. ARLAS' ability to deliver accurate quad combo log predictions profoundly impacts geoscience’s workflows.


Multidimensional Input/Output (MDIO)

An open-source solution that revolutionizes the way multi-dimensional energy data is accessed.  MDIO enables efficient ML training and inference across multiple datasets, eliminating the need for data duplication and promoting optimization.

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