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Tarakan Basin

The Tarakan Basin is an under-explored basin offering the world-class potential for giant oil discoveries. Exploration in the Tarakan has been largely neglected over the last decade due to basin operators focusing on appraisal projects and the industry is readying itself in anticipation of a significant release of highly prospective exploration acreage back into the exploration cycle. Tarakan Basin MC3Ds cover 3,363 km² over the sweet-spot of the basin and tie to recent discoveries at Badik and West Badik. The high-quality MC3Ds will deliver basin understanding (both deep and shallow structuring), define structural and stratigraphic complexity, and image prospects with amplitude supported features on trend with existing Badik and West Badik discoveries.

Bandaseis Phase One

The Banda Arc is located within one of the most complex and challenging geological settings in the world. The horseshoe shaped arc comprises 4 main tectonic regimes: the outer arc, inner arc, foreland basin and volcanic arc. The offshore Timor area in the SW area of the arc hosts a large fold and thrust belt which formed as a result of gravitationally mobile sediments associated with the collision of the Australian plate with SE Asia. The BandaSeis Phase 1 2D in the offshore Timor area comprises over 3,500 line km of Broadband data which was reprocessed, in partnership with CGG, in 2017 to further enhance imaging beneath the highly deformed fold and thrust belt. The resulting data provides unrivalled imaging of the sub-thrust Mesozoic section, which has made possible the identification and evaluation of the new sub-thrust play.

MH11 Jamdena

Underlain by Australian crust, the MH11 project covers the Yamdena basin which is a large extensional basin that dips steeply into the Timor trough. In this basin, foreland fold and thrust belt tectonics are active during Pliocene arc-continent collision. Post-pliiocene deformation is marked by a thrust separating the western islands of the Tanimbar group from the main island of Yamdena, and by a zone of left-lateral wrench faulting cutting through the western half of Yamdena.

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