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Timor-Leste 2Dcubed

In collaboration with the ANPM, and supported by industry TGS has completed a 2Dcubed seismic data project covering offshore Timor-Leste. The project combines all available open file and applicable TGS multi-client data across an area of over 50,000 square kilometers, incorporating over 2,500 2D lines and all existing 3Ds within the project area. The data, from over 45 legacy vintages, covers the entire offshore area south of Timor-Leste where the 11 offshore blocks in the second license round are located.

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The product creates a single contiguous, seamless volume of data ideal for license round block evaluation. TGS’ 2Dcubed volumes have proven to be a success in many basins globally, supporting license rounds and regional studies. Utilization of this technology in Timor-Leste has created a comprehensive regional 3D dataset for ease of acreage evaluation but also delivers a fully conformable Post-Stack Phase, Time, and Amplitude matched and merged 2D and 3D volume from which interpretation can be refined prior to making the all-important next investment decision.

Kyranis MC3D and 2021 Broadband Reprocessing

The 9,000 km2 Kyranis Multi-Client 3D dataset, acquired and processed in 2012-2013, is located on the northern side of the SW-NE trending Malita rift graben and it’s junction with the Sahul and Flamingo Synclines. The survey also covers the southern boundary of the Sahul Platform and Flamingo High where several large oil and gas discoveries have also been made.

This 3D data covers license round acreage in both Timor Leste and Australia. The first license round to be held in Timor-Leste since 2006 closes in October 2021 and the 2020 Australian bid round closes in June 2021 both offering attractive acreage positions with existing 3D coverage. Fully comprehensive time and depth reprocessing of the dataset has begun, this will provide industry with a significant improvement in 3D imaging quality across this area. utilising modern processing techniques including FWI.

The known working petroleum systems in this area consist of a gas and oil mature Early Cretaceous Echuca Shoals source charging primarily Jurassic Elang-Plover, and also secondarily Early Cretaceous Flamingo/Sandpiper sandstones. The Elang-Plover traps tend to be structural SW-NE trending horsts whereas the Flamingo/Sandpiper has both structural and stratigraphic potential.

Shallow canyons and drowned pinnacle reefs and shoals have resulted in some distinct velocity variations that significantly impact the structural mapping when utilising the legacy 2D seismic data in the area. These velocity artefacts can be identified and better resolved with the available Kyranis 3D survey, with the depth reprocessing to offer superior imaging for refinement of interpretation.

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