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Carbon Storage

TGS data is already in use for carbon storage assessment. Our diverse energy data offering comprising seismic, processed well data and insights through interpretive geological products provides multidisciplinary insight into the subsurface.

Our multi-client approach recognizes the need for flexibility on technology coupled with cost-effective geology and geophysics (G&G) solutions to bring the confidence our clients expect when making investment decisions.

In addition to the data types described below, we also introduce a new CCS Pathfinder portal combining spatial information from various data sources, including emissions and existing storage licenses, which reveals new opportunities combined with regional subsurface mapping. Within this tool, you will also find our existing products currently in use for CCS alongside our insights on future storage targets and monitoring technologies.


Carbon AXIOM

Leveraging TGS’ expansive subsurface and well performance data, Carbon AXIOM is a subsurface analytics tool for CO2 storage feasibility designed to analyze sequestration opportunities and link these to emitters.

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Data for Onshore Carbon Storage Evaluation

TGS provides an extensive subsurface data portfolio applicable to the identification, appraisal, and development of onshore CCS sites across the world and particularly North America.

Well Data Products >>

TGS holds the worlds largest onshore and offshore well data library. We provide convenient access to accurate well locations, complete well systems, and wireline suites searchable by formation.

Basin Models >>

TGS builds innovative 3D datasets providing robust stratigraphy and basin-wide corrected formation temperatures that can be readily integrated in software platforms and workflows. 

Seismic >>

TGS continues to grow its seismic library globally, offering onshore data in North America and Asia, with over 40,000 square kilometers of modern high resolution 3D in all major onshore basins in the US and Canada.

Well Production History and Forecasts >>

Access to every well in the US and Canada for industry exclusive allocated production volumes at the wellbore level, performance statistics, forecasted monthly volumes, and estimated ultimate recoveries.

Data for Offshore Carbon Storage Assessment

TGS holds the most extensive seismic and interpreted well database in the world. Our seismic database includes a diverse array of acquisition and processing technologies, from 2D streamers to hybrid streamers and nodes to dense FAZ streamers and FAZ nodes.

Research and Development Products >>

We have a collaborative approach to research and industry application of new developments. Please read here about our work on Basalt with industry leaders VBPR and view information on a new multi-client consortium alongside strategic partners.

4D Seismic Technology >>

TGS focuses on high-quality and cost-effective seismic solutions for CCS, leveraging our extensive oil and gas experience. Learn more about how we aim to meet CCS storage monitoring requirements through two different seismic technologies - Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and P-Cable 3D seismic imaging surveys.

Facies Map Browser >>

Our facies map browser (FMB) has been a go-to industry tool for years for customers looking to develop play fairway maps and interrogate well data. The FMB continues its applicability in the identification and characterization of carbon storage targets.

Scientific Joint Ventures and Support to Academia >>

Over the last two decades, TGS has supplied many academic institutions with the latest geophysical data so that students may examine data simultaneously with oil companies. In return, students produce interesting theses and develop strong skillsets for the job market, while TGS receives valuable geological knowledge. We have also joined with more extensive scientific collaborations to develop seismic processing algorithms and specialist ventures, such as investigating carbon storage within basalts.

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