Carbon AXIOM, A Unique Storage Feasibility Tool

Find viable CO2 storage near you based on TGS subsurface modeling leveraging the industry’s largest library of well logs and production data, we provide insights into the carbon storage value chain from capture to container.

An Interactive Solution for Rapid CCS Evaluation

As custodians of the world's largest subsurface data library and experts in storing, sorting, and delivering that data into meaningful insights, we understand that our unique access to the secrets of the subsurface and ability to distill valuable insights from data can provide innovative tools to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) industry. Carbon AXIOM is the first of such data-driven tools developed as part of our drive to support global CCS activity by increasing the efficiency of carbon storage feasibility assessment.

What is Carbon AXIOM?

Carbon AXIOM is a unique, web-based platform that enables stakeholders to quickly evaluate permanent CO2 storage opportunities by leveraging the world's largest well data library. Our production and well data are merged with seismic data to deliver key insights into potential storage volumes of CO2 storage containers, including fluid and reservoir properties.

Carbon AXIOM provides an intuitive framework that seamlessly integrates subsurface and infrastructure data to enable carbon storage prospectors to high-grade potential storage locations and identify the most economically viable storage options for their emitting source.

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What Insight does Carbon AXIOM Provide?



  • Map out Power, Refining, & Processing Plants
  • Search Emitter Locations


  • View Pipeline and Transmission Lines
  • Discover Property Ownership & Protected Areas


  • Evaluate Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
  • Identify Saline Aquifers

Explore Carbon Storage Potential

Carbon AXIOM provides basin-wide sub-surface visualization that can be interrogated for reservoir attributes such as temperature, pressure, salinity, porosity/permeability and reservoir thickness. This can produce an estimation of prospective carbon storage volumes throughout the stratigraphic column and within the sequestration window in both container geologies, saline aquifers and depleted reservoirs.

Existing coverage extends across the US Gulf Coast, including the onshore eastern Gulf Coast Basin, where our latest release extends saline aquifer assessment by mapping 30 sequences over 250,000 km² (62 million acres) across Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

Example Analysis

CO2 sequestration blocks offshore Texas waters utilizing Carbon AXIOM’s technical data and analytical tools.

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