CO2 Storage Assessment Data and Insights to Evaluate Opportunities

Find viable CO2 storage near you based on TGS subsurface modeling that leverages the industry’s largest library of well logs and production data. We provide insights into the carbon storage value chain from capture to container.

Solutions for Rapid CCS Evaluation

As custodians of the world's largest subsurface data library and experts in storing, sorting, and delivering that data into meaningful insights, we understand that our unique access to the secrets of the subsurface and ability to distill valuable insights from data can provide innovative tools to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) industry. 

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Explore Carbon Storage Potential

TGS’ CO2 storage assessment accelerates net-zero strategies by allowing decision-makers to identify optimal subsurface formations for carbon sequestration, reducing emissions, and unlocking new value.  

Our CO2 storage assessment offers a comprehensive geologic assessment of saline aquifer storage potential by leveraging our vast subsurface library of seismic, well, and geologic data. The subsurface assessment for carbon storage in saline aquifers considers the geologic structure, reservoir characteristics, fluid dynamics and caprock integrity to provide valuable insights when identifying the most promising subsurface formations for carbon sequestration.  

Discover our CO2 Storage
Assessment Coverage

We recently announced a significant expansion of coverage for CO2 storage assessment to include eight additional U.S. onshore basins, with assessments being released as they are completed throughout 2024 and 2025.

The basin coverage includes Gulf Coast Onshore, Permian, Illinois, Michigan, Appalachia, North Dakota, Sacramento-San Joaquin and DJ, encompassing more than 43,000 wells across 378 million acres.

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