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Energy data is at the core of what we do. Besides holding the world's most extensive subsurface data library, which includes seismic and well data, we continue to build on this strong foundation with additional data types to serve a range of needs across energy sectors. We understand the challenges our customers face, so we combine our expertise in the collection, curation, and extraction of insights from big data to empower the best business decisions.

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An interactive map portal to explore TGS’ industry-leading subsurface data. View available data types, projects and deliverables in your areas of interest.


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The same interactive map portal with premium features for our clients: access entitlements, download shapefiles, spec sheets, data visualization & download licensed data.

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R360™ connects you to the world’s largest and most complete well log database through an intuitive map-based interface.

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Visualize the opportunities in new energy solutions

Our suite of unique "Pathfinder" map applications allow you to interactively analyze and interrogate a diverse range of data to discover hidden opportunities in Carbon Storage, Geothermal, and Wind Energy across the globe.

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