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R360™ Puts Search Simplicity on the Map

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TGS Connects you to the highest quality Oil and Gas well data with speed and efficiency.

R360™ connects you to the world’s largest and most complete well log database through an intuitive map-based interface. This map-based web e-Commerce invites all levels of oil and gas professionals to interact with rich spatially represented information and rapidly identify desired data requirements to develop new prospects.  Access to the largest LAS well log library in the world means immediate acquisition of crucial information without processing and administrative delays.

R360™ Benefits

Data Acquisition – streamline the process for identifying and making decisions on critical data

Resource Optimization – focus more of your technical resources’ time on finding oil and gas

Cycle Time – reduce reconnaissance/identification/selection/purchase/download/dataload cycle

Map Services – enable integration of TGS data with your internal/proprietary data and GIS applications

Direct Transfer – establish direct transfer of licensed TGS data to your database/applications

Data Management – integrate and automate with your internal systems

R360™ "Premium" Access

R360™ Premium delivers high value features and functionality to enable you to get the most out of your TGS data and optimize efficiency of your personnel.

  • Unlimited quantity data search, order, and download size, enabling bulk project updates
  • Updates to licensed LAS curves included at no charge, easily accessed in Cloud drive
  • Shape file import capability for map product search AOI definition
  • Connect ArcGIS Server Map Services to R360™ map for powerful search capability
  • Added computer resources to speed processing of data orders
  • Expanded map layers for visual reference to New and Updated products
  • Download from map your licensed well data information via shape files and .csv
  • Additional map layers such as TGS basins, Trends, Fields, Geological features, GOM bathymetry
  • Advanced search capability on Premium layer polygons

R360™ Premium Direct Transfer

Direct transfer of your entitled data from TGS' AWS Cloud Drive to you platform/database for immediate analysis and interpretation.

  • TGS hosts client dedicated integration server and adapters to connect to target client server
  • Data types transferred: Well Header, Digital LAS Curves, SmartRasters®, Directional Surveys
  • Direct transfer of LongBow™ Well Performance data also enabled through adaptors for the following data types: Well Header, Production, Formation, Perforation
  • Adaptors available for GGX and Petra

TGS Map Services

TGS created Web Map services for clients to consume directly into their GIS applications. Clients will get this information from a TGS server so it is dynamic and current and easy to consume, including:

  • TGS products, counts, delivery type, and essential well information
  • customer entitlements layers
  • TGS Basin, Trends, and Fields
  • All layers are delivered in WGS 84 projection

TGS R360 Application Programming Interface (API) Web Services

Optimize your productivity with faster identification and access to critical data for your decision making. Integrate with your internal systems utilizing our RESTful API to automate Data Management and other processes such as:

  • Integrating TGS data with Proprietary and other 3rd party data
  • Automating daily identification of critical new or updated data in your AOI’s
  • Integrating internal workflows for data Selection/Approvals/Ordering
  • Automation of Data Management workflows
  • Simplify and accelerate high volume transactions 

TGS Product Catalog SQL Database

AWS Cloud version TGS product catalog, updated every 10 minutes, now allows you to log in and directly query the SQL server database for TGS products.

  • Compare all TGS data to data on your system
  • What’s in the catalog vs. what’s in the client system
  • System file date vs. update date in the catalog
  • Just sort by product update date

Table of Contents