Long-offset 2D seismic and seafloor sampling

Greenland the conjugate margin to Vøring and Møre basins

TGS started acquiring data in West Greenland since the 1990’s working with the government authorities to promote the region. In 2007 the focus shifted towards Northeast Greenland and culminated in the Multi-Year acquisition programs on behalf of the licensed operators. The area is still highly relevant for understanding the Norwegian margin. The geology onshore is well documented through decades of geologic research. Excellent source and reservoirs rocks can be used as analogues for the offshore observations.  

Data Coverage & Projects

TGS has built the industry’s largest portfolio of modern 2D seismic, airborne gravity and magnetic data. Sampling results from 7 NE Atlantic surveys (164 gravity cores) have been merged and can be provided as a reconstruction ArcGIS project and reports (NAMS18).

Greenland 2D Seismic

  • 45,475 km
  • Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins
  • CFI-processed PSTM (6,537 km PSDM)

2D Cubed Projects

  • 24,000 km2
  • Danmarkshavn Basin

Aero Gravity & Magnetics Data

  • 103,823 km2
  • Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins

Our Data

Well Data Products

Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance.​ Fast and easy access to TGS' vast library of well data is available through R360, our unique subsurface intelligence portal.


Basin-wide studies combine TGS’ unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological expertise, developed over 8 years, to provide insights that accelerate the exploration-cycle and reduce risk.

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