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Exploding quantities of data in the offshore wind industry have the potential to fuel a new era of injecting valuable data and intelligence into decision-making processes. TGS can leverage long-term experience in Data Analytics, Imaging capabilities, and large amounts of geoscience data to enlighten your offshore wind development and investment decisions. Our current energy data library now includes exclusive regional wind energy datasets offshore East Coast US and the entirety of offshore Scotland. We also possess detailed bathymetry information, geochemistry analysis, and shallow subsurface imaging in current and future wind farm development areas. Sign up for future updates on our constantly expanding wind data resource.

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TGS Acquires 4C Offshore Ltd.

In May 2021, TGS acquired 4C Offshore, a leading market intelligence and consultancy firm, providing research and insights to the offshore wind industry. 4C Offshore offers a broad suite of data, analytics and services for the offshore wind industry. With its unique digital platform, ForeSEE, the company provides developers, operators, asset managers, equipment providers and construction companies with key data and insights for the development and operations of offshore wind farms. Among 4C Offshore’s customers are some of the most active players in the offshore wind industry.

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Numerical Weather Prediction Models (NWP)

TGS, in collaboration with Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has developed unique regional wind energy datasets offshore East Coast US and the entirety of offshore Scotland.

Our comprehensive numerical weather prediction (NWP) models are designed to reconstruct meteorological conditions from the last 10 years at a spatial resolution of 1km with an hourly temporal resolution, providing operators interested in offshore wind lease sales with a unique, immediately available data resource that can evaluate wind conditions over each block and on a regional basis. This modeled data can be accessed and visualized via a fast and convenient on-demand digital platform.

Offshore Scotland

TGS has created a model which possesses a higher resolution than publicly available data with coverage over the whole of offshore  Scotland. This enables clients to enhance both their regional models and their understanding of specific ScotWind lease areas.

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Offshore E.Coast US

TGS presents the most extensive model currently available. Data covers the region of strategic focus for US offshore wind, between North Carolina and Massachusetts, including the New York Bight lease sale area currently under assessment.

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SubSurface Data


This technique measures the strength of the returned sonar ping and helps to determine soft, medium, or hard seafloor. Subsea geologic hazards can be identified on backscatter data.


Detailed seafloor characteristics and the depth of water affects the type of turbine technology used to develop a given offshore farm


Multielement geochemistry of the seafloor sediments provides important markers for site assessment




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TGS understands the energy data needs of the wind industry and the significant value that data brings to investors, planners and operators within the sector. We believe our knowledge and expertise in curating and drawing insight from large quantities of energy data will enable us to help reduce the costs, risks and cycle times of our customers projects through our data-driven solutions and accessible data platforms. Connect with us to be the first to hear about these new products and services using the form on this page.

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