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Insights Platform

The recent lease rounds in England, Scotland and elsewhere have demonstrated the competitiveness of developing offshore wind projects.  Constraining the risk factors that influence the bid proposal is increasingly important as developers balance larger initial commitment costs and finer overall margins.

Wind AXIOM helps stakeholders evaluate the viability of potential offshore wind projects by analyzing multiple risk factors. High-quality wind resource data, bathymetry data, marine restrictions, transmission infrastructure, and other data sources are analyzed together providing early insights into the costs and risks of pursuing a particular lease area. Lease areas across disparate geographies may easily be compared using customizable risk profiles, enabling further understanding and insight. 

The result is a platform that provides instant assessment of the investment potential of any prospective offshore wind farm in the world.

Wind AXIOM provides a perfect framework to integrate wind assessment data with value differentiators that constrain the key parameters of a offshore wind lease allowing you to quickly reach the decision- which lease is best? 

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Perform ranking and comparative analysis to capitalize on potential investment and de-risk future opportunities

Working Principles


Wind AXIOM provides access to high-resolution numerical weather prediction model data and LiDAR measurement data over key offshore focus areas so your analysis is never limited to just a single lease area.

Ease of Use

Wind resource data and contextual data (such as environmental zones or marine space uses) are turned into valuable insights in one place, without technical barriers creating a single offshore wind analytics platform covering multiple data themes.

Workflow Optimization

Gathering quality-controlled data from multiple scientific domains is time-consuming.  Wind AXIOM performs these searches and presents data conveniently & flexibly, saving you time.

Compare and Summarize

Vital statistics and risk factors are brought together, making it possible to summarize, compare, and benchmark lease areas of interest.  Wind AXIOM makes this possible with one click.


Insights based on large databases may become isolated in their silos, making it hard to communicate dynamic analysis results.  Wind AXIOM facilitates collaboration using cloud resources, flexible API’s, and download functions (including .wrg and time-series exports) to ensure results are seen and shared.

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A platform that provides instant assessment of the investment potential of any prospective offshore wind farm in the world.

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Are you seeing the BIG PICTURE?

TGS is improving the wind assessment experience for everyone with our unique interactive platform for offshore wind development insights. Wind AXIOM is a high-quality wind data resource and data aggregator combined with a diverse, interactive feasibility analysis tool, providing new insights for impending and future offshore wind farm projects.

This unique web-based application collects and interrogates high-quality data from multiple sources, even outside of traditional metrics, to define and de-risk multiple data categories and bring more meaning to feasibility assessment.

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