Onshore Wind

Data to support your investment decisions in wind energy infrastructure

Shallow Subsurface Intelligence

TGS provides subsurface data to de-risk your wind farm development decisions through our existing seismic and well data portfolio. Through direct and indirect measurement, our library can provide information on both the subsurface's physical and chemical composition at a chosen location. For instance, it is vital to understand the general topography of a potential wind farm site and the associated chemical soil content because it affects the design and construction of the farm's turbines and miscellaneous engineering. TGS offers a detailed record of the shallow rock samples in its vast library of data.


Understanding an area's general geology helps wind developers ensure that large turbines can be safely and securely installed. It is crucial to evaluate geologic formations underlying potential sites to assess the possibility of subsidence and other engineering risks.


Earthquake-prone areas present a significant risk for wind farm development. If a project site lies near an active fault, it could be impacted by an earthquake at any time.

Soil Investigation

A practical design of the wind farm requires an excellent knowledge of the soil layer characteristics.

Ground Water

Developers need to understand if groundwater has harmful effects on the foundations of wind turbines

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Cat Scratch Faults: TGS data acquired in Texas reveals subtle, regional, shallow geohazards and faults.

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TGS understands the energy data needs of the wind industry and the significant value that data brings to investors, planners and operators within the sector. We believe our knowledge and expertise in curating and drawing insight from large quantities of energy data will enable us to help reduce the costs, risks and cycle times of our customers projects through our data-driven solutions and accessible data platforms. Connect with us to be the first to hear about these new products and services using the form on this page.

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