Gain a Comprehensive Picture of Reservoirs with Instantly Available Well Data from TGS

The objective of a petrophysical evaluation is to apply a consistent and methodical approach to well data and calculate values for the following suite of deliverables:

  • Environmentally corrected log data
  • Individual CPI’s (no batch processing)
  • Shale / clay volume
  • Variable grain density
  • Porosity Ø (total and effective)
  • Permeability k where cored
  • Connate water resistivity Rw
  • Water saturation Sw
  • Core data, where available
  • Pressure data, where available
  • Report detailing the processing and parameters used

TGS has a library of immediately available data for more than 500 wells in Northwest Europe. Visit R360TM to find and download the data instantly.

Data for individual wells can be purchased as required.


TGS' R360

TGS has a library of petrophysical analyses for more than 500 wells in Northwest Europe available for instant download.

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