Salt Interpretation

The key for subsalt and presalt imaging which is driving the exploration to farther and deeper frontier areas in Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Brazil, Offshore Angola, Red Sea and other major salt basins

At TGS we provide full-service salt interpretation using specially designed workflows and tools to produce an accurate salt model. An accurate model produces improved subsalt and presalt images allow clients to better define their prospects and generate decisions that minimize risks.

Salt interpretation services we provide include:

  • Conventional iterative salt modeling
  • Concept-driven reinterpretation and refinement of salt models, with confirmation through testing
  • Interpretation-driven model building
  • Interactive salt modeling on-the-fly for instant results

Key Improvements:

  • Refinement of shallow overhangs
  • Reinterpreting salt stocks
  • Widening the “waist” to enhance presalt
  • Reworking complex structures



Justice WAZ vs. Declaration Long Offset MWAZ

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Updated MWAZ
Justice WAZ2
Legacy WAZ

Lessons on Salt Interpretation

  • Conceptual guidelines become more important as the geologic structures become more complicated
    • honor observable detail
    • use observable sedimentary events
  • Concepts need confirmation within the resulting seismic image. They need to be tested
  • A complex approach to interpretation can result in a simpler and more successful geological model


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New salt interp
New salt interpretation
Old salt interp
Old salt interpretation

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