Image-Guided Tomography (IGT)

Image Guided High Resolution Tomography using Offset-Dependent Picking

Image-Guided Tomography (IGT) is an approach which yields high-resolution velocity updates that are more geologically plausible near faults and layering.

IGT is an approach to generating high-resolution velocity models through tomography which limits the impact of simplifications introduced by traditional tomography. 

As a result timely, accurate, and geologically reasonable models can be produced. First, offset-dependent picking can be used to track events in gathers better than curvature-based picking, particularly in areas of complex geology and anisotropy. This implementation can allow quicker and simpler gather flattening and reveals fine detail in models.

The application of image-guided interpolation as a preconditioning step within the inversion process leads to updates which automatically respect geological structures observed in stacked images. When implemented within a current tomography flow, these refinements make generation of high-resolution velocity models reasonable without trade-offs in computation time or accuracy.

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High Resolution Tomography with Image Guided Interpolation
Conventional tomography with dipping Laplacian interpolation

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Crossline section of Hoop Fault Final Velocity
Crossline section of Hoop Fault Initial Velocity