TGS is a leader in the area of multicomponent seismic processing with decades of processing extensive experience behind them.

The experience of the personnel includes decades of processing many land projects (2D, 3D and time-lapse), marine OBS 2C and 4C projects, and land 9C projects.

PS data processing requires many special processing tools since the shear-waves are usually more  sensitive than P waves to various issues such as statics, noise, receiver orientation, VTI and HTI anisotropy. TGS has a full suite of tools to handle all these issues, along with a full offering of reservoir services to incorporate well log analysis, PP/PS registration, joint PP/PS inversion, and azimuthal VVAZ/AVAZ analysis for fracture characterization into the final interpretation of the seismic data. Multicomponent processing benefits from:

  • Interactive statics analysis
  • Receiver orientation analysis and correction
  • Interactive PP/PS registration and vertical Vp/Vs estimation
  • Interactive estimation of VTI (effective Vp/Vs) with nonhyperbolic velocity analysis
  • Shear-wave splitting analysis and layer-stripping application for HTI effects
  • 5D interpolation for PS data
  • Anisotropic prestack time migration
  • Joint PP/PS anisotropic prestack depth migration and velocity model building