Interbed Multiple Elimination (IME)

Predicts all orders of multiples related to a single multiple generator

IME is a layer related data-driven 2D and 3D interbed multiple model prediction and subtraction method based on a methodology extended from SRME (Jacubowicz, 1998). 

The user must identify a single interbed generator or generating zone and properly mute the input data to create 2 parts: the wave field generated by the multiple generator layer, and the wave field generated below this layer. In practice, the user can pick a pseudo boundary on a stack section, and mute the data along NMO curve.

Interbed Multiple Attenuation

  • Interbed multiple attenuation at TGS is based on the approach of Jakubowicz.
  • Knowledge of internal multiple generator is required
  • Perform convolution of SR’ and S’R
  • Cross correlate with S’R’ to separate SR internal multiple
  • Adaptive subtraction of IME model

Example 1: 

Data from East Coast Canada

Move the Slider Left or Right to see before and after

Got it
Data after SME_IME
Data After SRME and IME
Data Before SRME and IME