PRIMA is a multifunction exploration software package that incorporates:

  • Efficient data access and visualization
  • Seismic Data Processing from Field Data through Migrations
  • Interactive Processing for Parameterization
  • Velocity Analysis
  • Gather Conditioning
  • AVO analysis

PRIMA originally developed at Nutec Energy Services in 1997. Current commercial version of PRIMA is V20.0 and was compiled September, 2018. Nutec Energy Services was acquired by TGS in 2004.

Commercial PRIMA processing modules and features are written in same programming code as Internal PRIMA, and is supported by same programmers.  Access to specific parts of software is controlled by commercial licenses.

PRIMA® Customer Support

TGS is committed to providing the most reliable and knowledgeable customer support in the oil and gas industry. TGS’ support services are backed by dedicated experts and Software Engineering and R&D Teams. TGS’ support professionals are committed to providing the assistance and information you need to get the most out of PRIMA®.

For further information, please Contact Us.

PRIMA® Software Releases

TGS is continuously working to build and support PRIMA®, based on the needs of the company’s external user community and the Imaging Services group at TGS. Customers are automatically notified when a new release is available and are supplied with instructions on how to download the software.

PRIMA® V20.0 is now available for download and installation 

TGS Imaging Services announces that PRIMA® V20.0 is now available for download and installation by all PRIMA® licensees that are current on annual maintenance. This newest commercial version incorporates enhancements to existing interpretive tools and offers new processing modules.

Current PRIMA® clients will receive new software download and installation instructions via email. Upon request, a program disk containing software and release notes can be provided by PRIMA® Support by emailing

Licensees are encouraged to contact PRIMA® support at any time with questions or comments related to PRIMA®.

Software Philosophy (Organic vs 3rd party)

Combining our proprietary software with strategic alliances, TGS can offer a variety of technical solutions for all types of seismic data:

  • APX - TGS’ proprietary software for 2D/3D land time processing
  • GLI 2D/3D – Hampson Russell
  • XtremeGeo’s Flatirons Software Products – front-end data processing tools
  • GeoTomo TomoPlus - 2D and 3D tomostatics and first break picking tools
  • Techco Geophysical – 2D/3D specialty tools
  • PRIMA - TGS’ proprietary software for 2D/3D marine data processing
  • ImageZ - TGS’ proprietary software for 2D/3D depth imaging and velocity model building
  • TGS/ Sigma3 – Reservoir Service Tools
  • HRS-9 – Hampson Russell – Reservoir Service Tools
  • ProMC – Hampson Russell – Analysis and interpretation of multicomponent data, joint PP-PS poststack and prestack inversion
  • RokDoc – Ikon Science – Rock physics modeling, simultaneous inversion, geostatistical inversion
  • SeisX/Seisware Interpretive Software

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TGS offers subsurface data, including seismic, magnetic and gravity data, multibeam and coring data, digital well and production data as well as processing and interpretation from deepwater offshore to conventional and unconventional onshore plays.

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