TGS has high-quality subsurface data (wells and seismic) available to aid investment in the Mendoza Province.

Mendoza provincial authorities have opened twelve blocks in the highly prospective northern Neuquen Basin for bidding earlier this year, creating significant interest in the region (Figure 1). The province aims to attract investors through tax incentives to foster economic growth. Mendoza Province has prolific hydrocarbon resources produced from both the Cuyana and northern portion of the Neuquén Basin, home of the world-class Vaca Muerta shale play. There are three key geological plays operators value in the basin, including igneous intrusive reservoirs, heavy oil belts, and unconventional shale oil.  

TGS offers a range of interpretation-ready subsurface data in Mendoza Province (Figure 1), including validated well headers, directional surveys, depth-calibrated raster images, digital logs (standard and specialty), well reports, and seismic packages. TGS has partnered with the Province of Mendoza to identify ~7,500 well locations for reprocessing, including a significant amount of 2D and 3D seismic. TGS’ expertise in processing well and seismic data has created trust with top operators in the industry, worldwide. 

A popular TGS product, LAS+, is a suite of well logs conditioned by in-house petrophysicists. It includes geologically valid logs, depth-shifting, standardized mnemonics, spliced WL and LWD, and removal of invalid data, ultimately creating immediate time savings in interpretation workflows. LAS+ will be an asset when interpreting the northern Neuquen Basin. Additionally, seismic reprocessing and imaging will provide increased bandwidth, improved amplitude fidelity, seamless merging, and structural integrity by utilizing our latest technologies, such as FWI. TGS also provides implementation services that include integration into customer workflows through expert subsurface data management and delivery via API (incl. OSDU), SQL Direct Connect, export formats, and loaders. With the agreement between TGS and the Mendoza Province, TGS can offer superior subsurface data that will be a critical asset for anyone entering the region or looking to produce hydrocarbons. 


Figure 1 - TGS well and seismic data in the Mendoza Province, Neuquen Basin, Argentina. General location of lease blocks available for bidding in Mendoza are labeled within the map.