The World's Largest Library of Geological Data for the Oil and Gas Sector

Search, purchase, and manage geological data from the world's largest well log subsurface database in TGS R360. Click through millions of processed raster logs, digital logs, and geological interpretations in U.S. and international basins. Available to download directly or via the OSDU-compliant TGS Data Lake API.

Geological Data

Our comprehensive geological data provides clarity, precision, and strategic insights for the full exploration and development lifecycle.


TGS Well Data - Exploration


  • Depth-calibrated raster logs: Depth-calibrated and easily viewable digital representations from scanned well logs  
  • Digital LAS logs: 12-Curve log suites to provide the best essential log curves, digitized from top-to-bottom with curves of same name/description merged  
  • Mud logs: Data from the drilling engineer and well site geologist relating to the rock and hydrocarbons encountered  
  • Check shot and velocity data: Direct measurement of travel time between the surface and a given depth  
  • Petrophysical interpretations: Core-calibrated attributes incl. TOC, OOIP, clay volume and more 


TGS Well Data - Development


  • Well log digitizing and scanning services: Scanning, indexing, validating, digitizing, and conditioning well logs to the TGS standard and customized specifications  
  • Subsurface data management: Mastered, secure, and OSDU-compliant solution specifically for well data and geological data  
  • Interpreted tops and stratigraphic models: Structural grids, temperature models (BTM), and attribute volumes (predicted log responses, petrophysical properties); over two million hand-picked tops in 21 U.S. basins  
  • Carbon capture and storage: CO2 storage suitability and capacity assessment for depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and saline aquifers 
Well Data Analytics - Platform Screenshot Example - TGS Well Data Products

Utilize Well Data Analytics

Access our geological data through Well Data Analytics to benchmark, predict, and optimize oil and gas well performance. Our latest software seamlessly integrates production data, geological mapping, powerful visualization, and user-favorite workflows. The platform also provides unparalleled access to an extensive subsurface data library within seconds, supporting efficient on-the-spot analysis. Additionally, predictive analytics for oil and gas enhance decision-making, and the cloud-based well data resources are quality controlled and adaptable for various usage levels.

TGS Geological Data Quality

Our industry-leading library of geological data includes global coverage of rasters, digital logs, and stratigraphic models, providing valuable insights for the best subsurface understanding.

Source Logs - Logs

LAS+ Workstation-ready logs: Edited and Conditioned

Start interpreting right away with industry-leading corrected curve data. Leverage the work of our in-house petrophysicists and save hours of processing and preparation time. Available onshore and offshore. 

  • LAS+ includes only geologically valid logs, depth-shifted, standardized mnemonics, spliced WL and LWD, and removal of invalid data
  • Includes original and edited curves that have been cleaned up, depth-shifted, and validated
  • Interpretation-ready data that has been consolidated and spliced fro maximum depth coverage
  • Detailed documentation of available original curves and description of the curve corrections made.
Top-to bottom digitization of rasters and digital data Primary curve groups: RES, DEN, GR, NEUT, SON Curve Class Mnemonic Standardization Top to Bottom Composited Curves No incorrect data All data on depth

Stratigraphic Models

We offer hand-picked interpreted tops across all major U.S. onshore basins derived from the industry’s largest library of well logs.


Stacked Headers

Our stacked headers provide quality log parameters for top-to-bottom log correction and analysis for every run.

Well Data Analytics Free Trial

The Well Data Products Team is here to help

Spend more time analyzing your well data and less time on quality control so that you can make decisions with confidence. Whether you need a complete picture of your well performance or just want to access your well data quickly, our platform has got you covered.

Well Data Analytics - Operator Map - TGS

Analytics-Ready LAS: A full quad combo log suite for every well!

Leveraging the industry’s largest library of log data, our stratigraphic models, and proprietary Machine-Learning models, we predict missing curve data resulting in full quad-combo equivalent curve coverage.

TGS Well Data - Well Scannig

TGS Scanning and Digitizing Services

TGS offers a full turnkey solution including document gathering, processing, and certified destruction. TGS will take your hardcopy and microfiche data and turn it into digital files. Data is associated to the proper API number using our Validated Well Header, and de-duplicated against our extensive commercial log library for cost savings. This service is offered on a proprietary and commercial basis. Incremental or full project delivery to meet your needs.

Core Data

Introducing TGS Core Data, the ultimate source of ground-truth reservoir information, to enhance your petrophysical modeling and subsurface interpretation. Core data serves as the foundation for accurate petrophysical and geological analyses. By utilizing our digitized core analysis reports, you can greatly improve the accuracy and dependability of subsurface data in your projects.

TGS Core Data (1)

TGS Geological Data

Our Geological Data provides a trusted foundation for oil and gas exploration decision-making. Our comprehensive data helps guide informed decision-making, ensuring optimized drilling locations and precise reservoir evaluations. Learn more about our offerings' intrinsic value and competitive advantage below.

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