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The world's largest library of well logs and basin models

TGS offers the world's largest collection of digital well log data with 15 million individual products spanning over 120 years. This data is sourced from public and non-public sources and digitized through a standardized and meticulous QC process. Our interpretive products encompass 21 North American basin models and are created by our in-house geologists using a consistent interpretation method. All TGS geological data is ready-to-deliver or made-to-order through R360TM or the TGS Data Lake API (including OSDU).

Source Logs

  • 23% more rasters than state agencies
  • 5x more digital wells onshore, 7x more digital wells in key basins
  • Over 60 types of well logs:
    • Standard: GR/SP, RES, DEN, NEUT, SON
    • Specialty: MUD, LITH + comments, composites, check shot, porosity, etc. 

Source Logs - Logs


Stacked Headers - Log Graphic

Stacked Headers

  • Digitized log header information from all runs instead of only the deepest
  • Extensive quality control, ensuring outliers are reviewed and rectified, when necessary, with the focus on providing the data as logged
  • Easy consumption within projects
  • Including, but not limited to:
    • Wellbore diameters
    • Temperature measurements
    • Drilling fluid properties
    • Mud resistivity variations
    • Casing characteristics



Stratigraphic Models

  • Stratigraphic framework interpreted by experts across 21 North American basins

  • Consistent set of formation top picks defined to precise stratigraphic units with optimal production statistics

  • Detailed report for each model
    • Geologic history
    • Production statistics
    • Interpretation and QC workflow
    • Basis for top picks
    • Regional cross sections

  • Attribute Volumes:
    • Constructed from formation tops integrated with BHTs from TGS' Stacked Headers
    • Cubes Available: Temperature, Mud Weight, Total Organic Carbon (TOC)


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