Introducing Core Data for Petrophysical Insights

We understand the critical importance of having accurate, reliable ground truth reservoir data. Our core data solution is designed for professionals who require comprehensive petrophysical analysis to make informed decisions in the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Leverage our digitized core analysis reports to enhance the precision and reliability of subsurface data in your projects.

TGS Core Data

Improving Accuracy with Core Data Interpretation

Core data simplifies the process of loading digitized key attributes captured from hardcopy core analysis reports, making it an essential and invaluable tool for petrophysical log interpretation and modeling. By providing accurate ground truth measurements and calibration points, our core data enhances the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of well log interpretations.

We offer direct measurements of rock properties such as permeability, porosity and lithology. These measurements are used to calibrate the petrophysical log responses and, in logging data, core analysis data can be used to assess the quality of the logging data and identify any potential issues or discrepancies. 

Explore Core Data Coverage

The map showcases our core data coverage across the United States, with continuous updates as new data becomes available.

Core Data Coverage Map

Core Data Product

Explore our extensive and growing repository of core data, sourced from both private donations and public data, which includes standardized key data from core data analysis in an easily consumable CSV format with original source PDF files. We also provide pre-configured templates and technical resources to facilitate seamless data integration within your software program.

Core Data Standard
Core Data Plus
Basin-Wide Mapping with Detailed Attributes

Basin-Wide Mapping with Detailed Attributes

Create high-quality basin-wide maps and cross sections with detailed attributes for precise reservoir characterization.

Detailed attributes include:

  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Organic Thickness
  • Facies Distribution
  • Original Oil in Place (OOIP)
  • Hydrocarbon Pore Volume
  • Clay Volume
  • Total Porosity
  • Total Water Saturation

Identify Key Detailed Attributes

Explore how uncovering key detailed attributes can enhance your reservoir insights, refine landing zone selection and empower strategic decision-making in subsurface analysis.

  • Frac barriers and improved completion practices
  • Landing zones and lateral placements
  • Organic layers
  • Key drivers (compare production with petrophysical properties and other subsurface attributes)
Identify Key Detailed Attributes

Why Choose Core Data?

The primary purpose of completing core analysis on a well is to obtain detailed information about the reservoir rock and fluids. This information is vital for reservoir characterization, reservoir management and production optimization in the oil and gas industry.  

Core data supports this and many other valuable tasks: 

Get The Data You Need

Core data includes a range of valuable data to help inform drilling decisions. 

What is petrophysical log interpretation?
Images generated using Danomics software

Petrophysical Log Interpretation with Core Data

Petrophysical log interpretation is a critical process that involves analyzing data collected by downhole logging tools to determine the physical and chemical properties of subsurface rocks and fluids.  

This technique is essential for evaluating reservoir characteristics and the potential for hydrocarbon exploration and production. It relies on core data — actual rock samples from the reservoir — for ground truth measurements, which help calibrate and validate interpretations made from log data. By combining petrophysical log data with core data, experts can gain a detailed understanding of the reservoir's lithology, porosity, permeability and fluid saturations.

This comprehensive approach enhances the accuracy of reservoir models, facilitating more effective drilling and production strategies and leading to more efficient and cost-effective hydrocarbon recovery.

Discover more about how we utilize core data with LAS/LAS+ on our Well Data page.

Core Data Professionals

Core Data for Oil and Gas Professionals

Core data supports people in many roles in the oil and gas sector and beyond. 

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