Core data serves as the ground truth for your petrophysical and geological interpretations. By leveraging our digitized core analysis reports, you can significantly enhance the precision and reliability of subsurface data in your projects.

TGS Core Data 2

Empower Your Subsurface Projects with Core Data

Introducing TGS Core Data, your ultimate resource for ground-truth reservoir data, empowering your petrophysical modeling and subsurface interpretation.

Key measurements include:

  • Depth Interval ​
  • Porosity (ϕ)​
  • Permeability (K)​
  • Water Saturation (Sw)​
  • Grain Density 

Explore Core Data Coverage

We understand that accurate petrophysical modeling relies on a robust data foundation. Explore our extensive and growing repository of core data, sourced from both private donations and public data. 

Core Data Standard: Delivered in a convenient PDF format. Core Data Standard can be downloaded through TGS R360.

Core Data+: Standardized key data from core data analysis in an easily consumable CSV format and includes the original scanned PDF files. Pre-configured templates and technical resources are provided to facilitate seamless data integration within your software program.

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