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TGS has the industry's largest well data library comprised of nearly 100 years of public and non-public sources. This data is processed, normalized, and validated to our industry-leading standards with the most up-to-date data available. The TGS consumption and mastering process allocates header and production data to the completion level (e.g., casing, perforations, production streams). All TGS well data is available on demand through LongbowTM or SQL Direct Connect.

Location Data

  • Complete validated well system
    • Keep an eye on drilling activity with TGS daily permits
    • Drill down to the completion level with casing and perforation data
  • Correct well locations
    • 88% of state well locations corrected by TGS
    • 50% of wells moved 100 ft or more from state location
  • Directional surveys
    • Fully digital, composited from top to bottom
    • TGS identifies 20% more wellbores and assigns logs and surveys to the correct wellbores


TGS Complete Validated Well System


TGS Well Production DataProduction Data

  • Nationwide well and monthly production data (includes non-public historical production data – TX, NM)
  • Clean and workflow-ready well header dataset
  • Industry exclusive production volumes at the wellbore level, powered by TGS proprietary lease-to-well allocation algorithms
  • Quickly analyze wells with normalized well performance statistics and KPIs for all producing wells
  • Evaluate future well performance with forecasted monthly volumes, EURs, and performance statistics for all active wells
  • Analyze unconventional assets with standardized completion attributes and performance KPIs tied to the correct wellbore

Vent and Flare Natural Gas Data

  • Compare, analyze and aggregate individual well vented and flared natural gas volumes (monthly and cumulative)
  • Allocated to the well level - many states report volumes at the lease level, which can have more than one active well

Vent and Flare

Vent and Flare Natural Gas Data


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