Industry-leading visualization and analytics tools for well data

We hold the industry's largest well data library comprised of over100 years of public and non-public sources, providing you with valuable insights for the best subsurface understanding.

Location Data

Our well locations are orthorectified and DEM-validated to ensure accuracy.

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Production Data

Our production data unlocks key insights to benchmark, predict, and optimize assets.

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Now Offering the Largest Library of Drill Stem Tests in the U.S.

TGS and the American Institute of Formation Evaluation (AIFE) have partnered to jointly provide the largest analyzed library of commercial historical drill stem tests (DSTs) in the US alongside TGS’ best-in-class log and well data library, giving customers a new perspective on Well Data value.

Vent and Flare Natural Gas Data

  • Compare, analyze and aggregate individual well vented and flared natural gas volumes (monthly and cumulative)
  • Allocated to the well level - many states report volumes at the lease level, which can have more than one active well
Vent and Flare

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