Decisive Clarity with Well Data Analytics

Experience the power of streamlined subsurface data analytics and confidently make data-driven decisions. Oil and gas data analytics just got a lot easier. 

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Now Available: Well Economics Data.  Learn More
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Introducing Well Data Analytics

Well Data Analytics offers a streamlined and intuitive experience to benchmark, predict and optimize well performance in all U.S. basins. This cloud-based platform will accelerate the company’s ability to make better-informed decisions by integrating TGS’ comprehensive well data, production data, completions data, logs, geological attributes, and well economics with analytics workflows. The new addition of Well Economics Data allows users to discover comprehensive financial knowledge for precise investment analysis and asset valuation. 

 The platform offers unparalleled access to the industry’s largest library of over 100 years of public and proprietary subsurface well and geological data, enabling efficient analysis on the spot. Oil and gas predictive analytics support effective decision-making in a cloud-based environment using quality-controlled (QC’d), ready-to-use, scalable data and insights.

Well Data Analytics Features

Our subsurface data analytics platform provides decisive clarity using the world’s largest and most accurate well data library. Streamlined workflows offer a holistic well data analytics solution that gives you fast, easy access to vast cloud-based well data resources, quality controlled and ready to use.




Now Available: Well Economics Data

Well Data Analytics now features well economic models and data. This newly added dataset allows real-time delivery of well economic statistics, providing users with valuable insights into oil and gas asset performance. Leveraging highly accurate well data and well-specific cost models, users gain access to essential financial metrics, such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), payback period, and break-even prices. By seamlessly integrating this data, TGS empowers users to accurately forecast economic scenarios, providing tailored, adaptable data solutions to meet customer needs.


Well Economics Model

Well Specific Cost data

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Who is Well Data Analytics for?

Our users include exploration geologists, reservoir engineers, and data managers and techs. We support asset and operator benchmarking, predictive analytics, and easy data integration.

User-favorite features include an intuitive no-onboarding interface, ready-to-use and formattable graphs, accurate and QC’d data, and integration into third party applications through API services (incl. OSDU), SQL Direct Connect, standard export formats, and loaders. 

Why Choose Well Data Analytics?

One of the world's most trusted oil and gas data companies



Save time on project start-up and quality control with no training or ramp-up time required


Accurate Data

Maximize workflow efficiency with easy access to QC’d cloud-based well data resources



Easy-to-use workflows combined with the world’s largest and most accurate well data library



All features are designed by customers for customers

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The Well Data Products Team is here to help

Spend more time analyzing your well data and less time on quality control so that you can make decisions with confidence. Whether you need a complete picture of your well performance or just want to access your well data quickly, our platform has got you covered.

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What Our Customers Say

"I have been trying other applications, but Well Data Analytics is the best one I have seen so far!"

- Small Investor


“We really like the geo grids and apparent ease of use of the platform.”

- VP of Geology, Small Oil and Gas Operator 


“Overall, I think y’all have a great product that could really serve a unique section of the user market.”

- Independent Consultant


“Overall, I think y’all have a great product that could really serve a unique section of the user market.”

- Independent Consultant


“Overall, I think y’all have a great product that could really serve a unique section of the user market.”

- Independent Consultant

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Oil and Gas Analytics

Oil and gas analytics are an essential element for the industry, encompassing the analysis and interpretation of data to drive informed decision-making. Leveraging specialized oil and gas analytics software such as Well Data Analytics, exploration, production, reservoir management, and refining professionals can extract actionable insights from vast datasets. Reservoir engineers, production managers and many other specialists in vital roles rely on oil and gas data analytics to optimize operations and maximize efficiency. 

By employing advanced techniques such as well data analytics and subsurface data analytics, sector professionals can assess reservoir performance, pinpoint optimal drilling locations, and make accurate predictions regarding production rates. 

Oil and gas predictive analytics also play a pivotal role in forecasting maintenance requirements, minimizing downtime, and optimizing asset performance, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced safety. Integrating oil and gas analytics empowers industry stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, drive operational excellence, and fuel sustainable growth.

Discover our Subsurface Data Types

As a dominant force in the oil and gas analytics industry, we have over a century's worth of public and proprietary data to help our customers understand the subsurface. 

  • Well Data
  • Geological Data

Well Data

Boasting the largest library of well data in the industry, we empower you with crucial insights for unrivaled comprehension of the subsurface.


Explore Well Data

Geological Data

Our team of internal geologists employs a standard interpretation technique to create our suite of interpretive products, which includes 21 models of North American basins. All geological data from TGS is poised for immediate dispatch or can be custom-made via R360 or the TGS Data Lake API, which incorporates OSDU.


Explore Geological Data