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Data and insight for every stage across the entire wind development process at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Wind AXIOM is a new insight platform that helps wind developers explore high-value areas, prepare bids and develop leases. With easy access to vast amounts of data and advanced analytical tools, Wind AXIOM liberates wind development from spreadsheets and finally takes it to another level—an integrated data map.

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Wind AXIOM Platform

Wind AXIOM provides top-level wind assessment summaries with one click. Draw a lease on the map and instantly get a reliable wind assessment report for any location; no technical skills, no waiting required. Free yourself from unnecessary consultancy fees for leases that might not be interesting and allow your team to spend more time on what matters: strategic decision-making.


  • Access to global wind resource data sources
  • One-click assessments including idealized energy output and annual revenue expectation
  • Comparison between portfolios and leases
  • Summary of key costs
  • Team sharing
  • Time series and .wrg files download*
  • Access to data API*

Data Include

  • Global Wind Atlas
  • New European Wind Atlas
  • ERA5
  • In-app usage of commercial and contextual data
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ForeSEE Platform

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The web-based Wind AXIOM platform has an intuitive, easy to use interface for fast, sharable insights.