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Pressure data from drill stem tests (DSTs) and wireline formation tests (WFTs) provides users with source-derived digital data, offering actionable insights in exploration, regional play evaluation and pre-drill analysis.

Elevate Your Field Development Planning with Pressure Data

Introducing TGS Pressure Data, our newest addition to the Well Data Analytics cloud platform. By incorporating pressure data sourced from Drill Stem Tests (DSTs) through an exclusive partnership with the American Institute of Formation Evaluation (AIFE) and Wireline Formation Tests (WFTs) from our raster library, we offer valuable reservoir insights into fluid distribution and reservoir behavior. This empowers geologists and reservoir engineers to assess reservoir characteristics, predict fluid cuts, and anticipate drilling challenges. 

Our intuitive interface and industry-standard exports ensure that analyzing pressure data is a seamless and efficient process. From refining drilling strategies to evaluating reservoir performance and revealing production optimization opportunities, pressure data equips users with the key tools they need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Pressure Data Optimizes Precision in Reservoir Analysis

Pressure data serves as a key component for reservoir characterization and optimizing drilling plans. Our library is the most comprehensive on the market with complete recovery details, incremental data of build-up curves, and a full horner analysis. 

With over 170,000 DSTs and 24,000 WFTs nationwide, TGS pressure data offers full coverage across all US CO2 and hydrocarbon plays, ensuring you have the data you need across key formations.

Why Choose Pressure Data?



Industry standard formats that simplifies data loading and minimizes project set up time




All TGS pressure data is sourced from the original testing reports



Structured for rapid regional or play level evaluation 




Integrated and viewable inside Well Data Analytics

Rethinking DSTs: Optimize Production Forecasting and Reveal Acreage Opportunities from Historical Data

For geologists and engineers, accurate reservoir characterization is often the difference between economic success and failure. One of the main tools to reduce reservoir uncertainty is drill stem tests (DSTs) which provide key information about formation pressure and fluid characteristics of the reservoir.

Figure 1 DST Coverage

Reveal the Best Well Data Insights with DSTs and WFTs

We specialize in leveraging our expertise in scalable digitization to produce intuitive visualizations, optimizing the process of extracting insights in reservoir analysis. With access to the industry's largest library of Wireline Formation Tests (WFTs), alongside our partnership with AIFE for Drill Stem Tests (DSTs), we offer a comprehensive pressure data solution to accelerate reservoir evaluation. 
DST (Drill Stem Test): Access the industry's largest source-derived data encompassing well headers, flow and shut-in pressures, recovery data, build-up curves, and a full horner analysis. 

WFT (Wireline Formation Test): Access the same features offered in DST, with additional data in fluid characteristics.  

Both DSTs and WFTs are integrated into Well Data Analytics via the well panel alongside completions data. Export datasets with production data in 297 and ASCII formations or separately in a CSV designed for easy loading into analytical applications.

By leveraging DSTs and WFTs in Well Data Analytics, users can accelerate regional play evaluation, optimize pre-drill planning, and improve well performance. 


Comparison Chart

Well Header
Flow/drawdown & Shut-In Pressures
Recovery Data
Fluid Characteristics (e.g., Rt, Rw, Sw)
Build-Up Curves
Horner Analysis
Overall Test Assesment

Discover our Subsurface Data Types

As a dominant force in the oil and gas analytics industry, we have over a century's worth of public and proprietary data to help our customers understand the subsurface. 

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Well Data

Boasting the largest library of well data in the industry, we empower you with crucial insights for unrivaled comprehension of the subsurface.


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Geological Data

Our team of internal geologists employs a standard interpretation technique to create our suite of interpretive products, which includes 21 models of North American basins. All geological data from TGS is poised for immediate dispatch or can be custom-made via R360 or the TGS Data Lake API, which incorporates OSDU.


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