Now Offering the Largest Library of Drill Stem tests in the U.S.

Drill stem tests (DSTs) provide our clients with a key tool to extract maximum subsurface insights. Through a partnership with AIFE, TGS is the only data provider to offer commercial DSTs sourced from the original reports. 

Reveal the Best Well Data Insights with DSTs

TGS has partnered with the American Institute of Formation Evaluation (AIFE) to provide over 170,000 world-class, expertly interpreted, and quality-controlled DSTs dating back to the 1930s. TGS offers two levels of DST data:
  1. Standard DST: basic key entered data (flow and shut-in pressures, quality assessments, and recovery summaries
  2. Enhanced DST+: virgin reservoir pressures, Horner analysis, and incremental detail
DSTs are an invaluable tool for geoscientists and reservoir engineers to understand the pressure and fluid story of the targeted reservoir. 
Well Header
Flow & Shut-In Pressures
Build-Up Curves
Horner Plots
Gas Flow

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