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Carbon AXIOM

A valuable prospecting and screening tool for potential carbon storage sites.

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The Carbon AXIOM platform was explicitly designed as a screening tool for new CCS projects. It consists of a subsurface interpretation dataset delivered in an interactive digital atlas format. The unique value of AXIOM lies in the standardized attributes that provide a basis for the comparison of carbon storage opportunities and their proximity to emitters over a large area. The data is visualized via our user-friendly app for instant, interactive analysis of potentially suitable areas for carbon storage.

Our database includes consistent volumetrics with risk and confidence assessments and prospect ranking based on various criteria, along with supporting data appendices. The Carbon AXIOM focuses on the CO2 storage capacity estimation and EOR suitability assessment. 



Benefits of Carbon AXIOM

  • Carbon AXIOM delivers estimates of storage capacity, uncertainties, risk elements, and documentation
  • Formation level CO2 storage estimates and EOR potential across southern onshore Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi 
  • Proprietary database of depleted reservoir potential for CO2 storage and EOR
  • Interactive web application with query and filter functionality as a convenient prospecting/screening tool 
  • Monte Carlo volumetrics and standardized attributes for comparison of carbon storage opportunities 
  • Emitters database with automated search functionality for nearby storage potential
  • Well density, injector locations, and surface information layers for additional context
  • Significant time and cost savings benefits compared with in-house first-pass research

How will Carbon AXIOM help you make decisions?


  • Focuses all required data in one easy-to-use solution
  • Saves time and money in finding, compiling and analyzing the data
  • A user friendly web-based platform for: 
    • Understanding spatial distribution of potential storage and EOR targets
    • Enabling quick comparison of various opportunities
    • Detailed emitter information and proximity to storage solutions 

Data Sources for Storage Capacity Calculation



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