Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon AXIOM

Insights from capture to container

An interactive solution for rapid CCS evaluation

Carbon AXIOM is a unique, new web-based platform designed to enable stakeholders to quickly evaluate permanent CO2 storage opportunities by leveraging the world's largest well data library. Our production and well data are merged to deliver key insights into potential storage volumes of CO2 storage containers, including fluid and reservoir properties. Carbon AXIOM provides an intuitive framework that seamlessly integrates subsurface and infrastructure data to help you make the sound business decision – which storage container is the most valuable?

CCS Insights



  • Power, Refining, & Processing Plants
  • Emitter Locations



  • Pipe- and Transmission Lines
  • Property Ownership & Protected Areas



  • Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
  • Saline Aquifers


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Carbon AXIOM

Search for subsurface carbon storage solutions built from the world's largest library of well logs and production data.

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