What was once frontier territory for oil and gas exploration has had some of the most exciting discoveries in recent years.

West African Transform Margin (WATM) a structurally complex with multiple areas of hydrocarbon potential, stretches from Sierra Leone in the west to Benin in the east. Early exploration on the shelf included targeted structural plays. Recently hydrocarbon exploration has focused on the Upper Cretaceous channel systems found in the deeper waters.

TGS has over a decade of experience in the West Africa transform margin - including 2D regional programs that have seismic, gravity and magnetic data. Utilizing these different data allows the explorationist to rapidly assess the geology, structures and thermal maturation of the margin. This regional understanding enables geologists to quickly focus on areas of prime potential and maximum interest. Working with block holders, TGS has acquired 3D seismic data to complement the 2D regional data.

TGS' regional datasets


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