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Differential OBC processing techniques

14 September 2007
Compared to surface seismic, the increased complexity associated with seafloor seismic data (OBC) requires considerable attention to details if a.

Repeat imaging using grid tomography and new well information: application to two sub-salt fields in the Gulf of Mexico

12 September 2007
The goal of repeat imaging (detailed studies of prospects as new information is available) using PSDM is to generate new locations for both development.

Fast velocity model building using kinematic demigration and migration

08 September 2007
3-D prestack depth migration is the most time consuming part in velocity model building. To minimize the required iteration of depth migration, we first.

Advances in subsurface imaging technology boost the search for elusive hydrocarbons

01 September 2007
The remarkable improvements in data quality due to rapid advances in processing algorithms and computer technology over the past several years have been.