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FWI Salt Model Update with Sparse Nodes: A Feasibility Test on OGO FAN Survey

June 3, 2019
Y. Huang, J. Mao*, J. Sheng

Sub-Basalt Imaging in the Norwegian Sea Using Common-Offset RTM Tomography and Least Squares Reverse Time Migration

June 3, 2019
S. Baldock, T. Kim, T. Feng, Z. Guo, H. Bondeson, B. Kjølhamar

Imaging Paleocene and Jurassic Prospects Within the Porcupine Basin, Ireland

June 3, 2019
M. Hart, E. Cho, S. Bhamber, A. Hulks, S. O’Keefe

Mathematical Morphological Filters and Applications in Seismic Data Denoising

June 3, 2019
Z. Liu, D. Wheaton, V. Tyagi, B. Wang*

Elastic Parameters Estimation Using Reservoir-Oriented Joint Migration Inversion for Norwegian Sea Field Data

June 3, 2019
A. Garg*, H. Masoomzadeh, S. Baldock, D.J. Verschuur

Amplitude Preserved Least-squares RTM Gathers

June 3, 2019
Y. He, F. Hao, S. Dong, B. Wang*

Deblending, Demultiple and High-Resolution Velocity Model Building Workflow Across the Senja Ridge

June 3, 2019
S. Stokes*, D. Manns, M. Romanenko, B. Kjølhamar, R. Myklebust, E. Henden

High-Resolution Multistage FWI and Image-Guided Tomography to Resolve Ultraslow Gas Anomalies

June 3, 2019
Hilburn, Guy Mao, Jian

Considerations for a Model Building Paradigm Shift in Gulf of Mexico

June 3, 2019
H. Roende, J. Sheng, Z. Liu, D. Bate

Imaging beneath Basalts in the Norwegian Sea Using RTM Tomography and Least Squares RTM

April 4, 2019
Baldock, S., T. Kim, T. Feng, Z. Guo, C. Zeng, H. Bondeson, B. Kjollhamar, M. Hart

Hybrid Tomography and Full Waveform Inversion Velocity Model Updating for Shallow Velocity Anomalies

April 4, 2019
Hilburn, G., J. Mao, J. Sheng, S. Baldock, M. Hart

Imaging Paleocene and Jurassic Prospects within the Porcupine Basin, Ireland: A Case Study

April 4, 2019
Hart, M. S. Bamber, A. Hulks, S. O'Keefe, E. Cho, S. Baldock

A FWI Velocity Model Building Workflow across the Senja Ridge in the Norwegian Barents Sea

April 4, 2019
Stokes, S., D., Manns, M. Romanenko, B. Kjolhamar, R. Myklebust, E. Henden

Deblending of Large 3D Surveys Acquired with Triple Sources in NW Europe

June 11, 2018
Baldock, Simon Masoomzadeh,Hassan Ratnett,Neil Liu,Zhaojun O’Keefe,Sorche Travis,Tom Drewell, Steve

Technological Advancements in Broadband Processing – A Reprocessing Case History from the Barents Sea

June 11, 2018
Cox,Peter Bhamber,Sandeep Ditty, Chris

Triple Source in Seismic Exploration – Experiences Offshore Norway

June 11, 2018
J. Langhammer, H. Bondeson, B. Kjølhamar, S. Baldock, H. Masoomzadeh, N. Ratnett

Unfolding Marine Multiazimuth Data from the Gulf of Mexico

June 11, 2018
Roende, Henrik Hilburn, Guy Bate, Duncan

Image Guided Full Waveform Inversion (IGFWI) Modelling of Shallow Channel Features in the Moray Firth

June 11, 2018
Salem, Azza Hart,Matt Baldock,Simon Gromotka,Jan Chen, Jing Sheng, James

FWI Velocity Model Building Experiences

February 22, 2018
Hart, Matt J. Sheng,James Baldock,Simon Mao, Jian

Imaging of Multiples and its Application on Single Sensor Data

June 14, 2017
Jian Mao, Simon N. Baldock, James Sheng

Multidomain Denoise - A Robust and Efficient Method of Suppressing Incoherent Noise

June 14, 2017
Hassan Masoomzadeh, Neil Ratnett, Tom Travis, and Azza Salem

A Robust Multistage Full Waveform Inversion and Its Application

June 13, 2017
Jian Mao, James Sheng, Matt Hart, Taejong Kim

Continuous Coverage of Recent High Resolution Seismic and Magnetic Data gives New Insight into the Early Development of the Gulf of Mexico

June 13, 2017
Ian Deighton, Felicia Winter

FWI with Scaled-Sobolev Preconditioning Applied to Short-Offset Vibroseis Field Data

June 13, 2017
Consolvo, B.P., M.A.H. Zuberi, R.G. Pratt, P.W. Cary

Dual WAZ Processing and Orthorhombic Imaging - A Case Study in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

June 12, 2017
Zhiqiang Guo, Yang He, Guy Hilburn, Dhananjay Tiwari, Gary Rodriguez

Broadband Imaging in the Barents Sea - Impact of 3D Survey Design and Data Processing on Jurassic Lead Quality

June 12, 2017
Salem, A., M. Romanenko, B. Kjolhamar

Adaptive Windowed Deghosting - Applications to FAZ Acquisition

June 1, 2016
Zhigang Zhang, Zhaohong Wu, Bin Wang, Jean Ji

Insights into the Tectonic Evolution andProspectivity of Madagascar Offshore Basins

June 1, 2016
Roel Dirkx, Felicia Winter, S. Musa, Richard Cooke, Ben Sayers, Jennifer Halliday, Erika Tibocha

Adaptive Least-squares RTM for Subsalt Imaging

June 1, 2016
Chong Zeng, Shuqian Dong, Bin Wang, Zhigang Zhang

Demultiple of High Resolution P-cable Data in theNorwegian Barents Sea - An Iterative Approach

May 30, 2016
Anthony J. Hardwick, Sindre Jansen, Bent Erlend Kjølhamar

Shallow Water Multiple Elimination (SWME) onBroadband Data

June 2, 2015
Yongbo Zhai, Satyakee Sen, Zhaojun Liu, James Sheng, Bin Wang, Chong Zhan, Neil Hokanson, Sampad Laha, Lingxiao Zhang

Broadband Processing of Variable-depthStreamer Data

June 2, 2015
Hassan Masoomzadeh, Anthony Hardwick, Simon Baldock

Offset Dependent Picking and Image GuidedTomographic Modelling of Velocity Variationsover the Hoop Fault Complex

June 2, 2015
Matt J. Hart, O.A. Adewumi, Carl Lang, Guy Hilburn

Triple-Source Simultaneous Shooting (TS3), AFuture for Higher Density Seismic?

June 2, 2015
Jan Langhammer, Pete Bennion

Broadband Processing of P-Cable Data in theBarents Sea

June 2, 2015
Neil D. Ratnett, Peter Cox, Gboyega Adeloye, Tom Travis

Seafloor Sampling of Frontier Basins forDetection of Active Hydrocarbon Systems andStratigraphic Tie

November 24, 2014
S. Polteau, S. Planke, A. Mazzini, Reidun Myklebust

Full Waveform Inversion on Jackdaw OceanBottom Nodes Data in North Sea

June 19, 2014
K. Yoon, P. Moghaddam, I. Vlad, M. Warner, J. Sheng

Broadband Processing of Slant Streamer Datafrom Offshore Tunisia

June 19, 2014
H. Masoomzadeh, A. Hardwick

Deghosted Least-squares RTM - Image DomainBroadband Solution for Complex Structures

June 19, 2014
Shuqian Dong, Chong Zeng, Hassan Masoomzadeh, Bin Wang

Enhanced 3D Imaging from 2D Seismic Data andits Application to Surveys in the North Sea

June 13, 2013
Wilfred Whiteside, Bin Wang, Helge Bondeson, Zhiming Li

Seabed Sampling for Stratigraphy and Seep Studies Offshore Greenland and Norway

June 13, 2013
S. Polteau , S. Planke, R. Myklebust, Gulnara Hickman

Practical Aspects of Least-squares Reverse Time Migration

June 13, 2013
S. Dong, S. Suh, B. Wang

Broadband Processing of Conventional StreamerData - Optimized De-Ghosting in the Tau-P Domain

June 13, 2013
Hassan Masoomzadeh, Nick Woodburn

Orthorhombic Imaging for Orthogonal WideAzimuth Surveys in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf ofMexico

June 11, 2013
Yang He, A. Gersztenkorn, S. Yang, Bin Wang, Xiang Xiao

Modelling low velocities in carbonate karst zones and improving sub-karst images in the Gulf of Mexico

May 11, 2011
A velocity anomaly zone with high contrasts and small wave length variations is often a challenge for conventional depth imaging. It requires model.

Horizon and fault constrained tomography to model fault induced velocity discontinuities in the hoop fault complex area

May 9, 2011
We present a case study that uses different methods of addressing a sharp velocity contrast across a major fault boundary in the southwestern Barents Sea..

Automated RTM-based DIT scans for salt interpretation and model building

May 2, 2011
Reverse Time Migration (RTM) based Delayed Imaging Time (DIT) scans have been used routinely in production to update velocity models in subsalt or low.