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New insights into prospectivity of Liberia-Sierra Leone Basin because of improvements in seismic acquisition and processing

01 June 2011
This paper examines how the understanding of the prospectivity of the Liberia-Sierra Leone Basin has developed over the last 40 years largely due to.

Full wave-equation methods for complex imaging challenges

01 March 2010
Despite being at the end of a long and full Annual Meeting week, the workshop “Full wave-equation methods for complex imaging challenges,” held 30 October.

Cluster programming for reverse time migration

01 January 2010
Reverse time migration (RTM) is well suited for imaging steep dips in areas with high velocity contrast. In order to image steep dips at the correct.

Multistep reverse time migration

01 April 2009
Reverse time migration (RTM), being based on the two way wave equation, can accurately account for wave propagation in both up and down directions. As a.

Optmizing performance: Object storage for seismic applications

01 December 2004
Political instability at many points of the world ... rising gasoline prices ... limited natural gas and oil reserves. These are just a few of the.