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Depositional Environment and Structural Style of Permian and Triassic Sequences of Wrangel Island, Russian Arctic

September 5, 2010
Chukchi and East Siberian Seas region represents one of the most remote and poorly studied areas of East Arctic. Wrangel Island is located between East.

The Structure of the Wrangel Arch (Russian Chukchi Sea), Based on Marine Seismic and Onshore Observations

September 3, 2010
Wrangel Arch represents the extensive (more, than 500 km) ~ E-W trending oshore basement high, separating the well-known shelf depressions: North and.

The prospectivity of Offshore Sierra Leone Using Newly Acquired 3D data

April 6, 2010
Based on a previous 2D seismic survey in offshore Sierra Leone and Liberia revealing the exploration potential of the margin, a 3D long offset survey in.

An Integrated Approach to Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in the South Western Barents Sea

October 18, 2009
Large areas of the south western Barents Sea remain unexplored. An integrated approach to the understanding of the south western Barents Sea is presented.

Geological Structure of South-Western Laptev Sea Region

October 16, 2009
Russian Eastern Arctic shelf, including Laptev Sea, represents one of the most promising offshore areas for hydrocarbon discoveries. Nevertheless, due to.

Arctic Magmatism: Distribution, Age and Implications for Basin Development and Petroleum Systems in the Barents Sea

October 14, 2009
The sedimentary basin development of the Barents Sea has been influenced by the formation of three Large Igneous Provinces (LIPS): The end-Permian (ca..

Structure and Development of the Conjugate mid-Norway - NE Greenland Margins

October 13, 2009
The continental margins off mid-Norway and NE Greenland share a common geological history leading up to breakup in earliest Eocene. The geology offshore.

Sedimentary Evolution of Paleozoic and Triassic Sequences of Wrangel Island

October 9, 2009
Wrangel Island is located between East Siberian and Chukchi Seas and composed of metamorphic Wrangelian Complex and overlying Silurian, Devonian,.

The Geological Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of East Barents Sea Region: from Overview and Comparison to the Norwegian Barents

October 8, 2009
Here we present the synthesis of available/published geological and geophysical data on Barents Sea region, including TGS/NGP seismic data (2005) and.

Sedimentary Basins of East Siberian and Chukchi Sea Shelf: the Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential

October 7, 2009
East Siberian and Chukchi Seas occupy vast area of Russian Eastern Arctic shelf, where very limited amount of seismic data is available and no offshore.

Main Stages of the Tectonic Evolution of the Chukotka Peninsula and Adjacent Shelf

October 4, 2009
Metamorphic rocks of the Chukotka complex are exposed in the east Chukotka uplift and granitic-metamorphic domes (Koolen, Senyavin, Alyarmaut and etc.)..

Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of Offshore Morondava Frontier Basin based on Satellite Gravity, Well and regional 2D Seismic Data Interpretation

April 11, 2009
Madagascar is situated in the South West of the Indian Ocean at a distance of about 400 km off the East coast of Africa (figure 1). It is the third.