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Stepwise Multiple Elimination using Linear Transforms: An alternative approach to SRME for stacking multiple-free near offsets in the Barents Sea

17 October 2010
A novel, de-aliased method called Stepwise Multiple Elimination using Linear Transforms (SMELT) is introduced as an alternative to 2-D Surface Related.

Stability and speedup issues in TTI RTM implementation

15 October 2010
In the implementation of TTI RTM, we meet stability problems and demands for speedup. Staggered Fourier first derivative and linear interpolation improves.

Mississippi Canyon high resolution reprocessing: applications for shallow drilling hazard and geologic evaluation

12 October 2010
A joint contractor-company project was undertaken to evaluate the practicality and utility of shallow high resolution reprocessing of large deepwater.

Interactive demultiple in the post-migration depth domain

11 October 2010
In efforts to further improve final migrated images we have developed a new methodology for post-migration multiple removal in the migration depth domain..

Enhanced pre-stack depth imaging of wide-azimuth data from the Gulf of Mexico: a case history

08 October 2010
We present a case study of enhanced imaging of wideazimuth data from the Gulf of Mexico utilizing recent technologies; and we discuss the resulting.

True azimuth surface multiple elimination

07 October 2010
A data driven 3D true azimuth surface related multiple elimination (SRME) technique can be quite effective in removing surface related multiples for both.

Imaging beneath the Florida Escarpment progressing from 2D, 3D and anisotropy : A case history

05 October 2010
The long history of imaging in this area will be reviewed. Incremental improvements in data quality and interpretability will be shown. Processing efforts.