Stratigraphic Models for Basins and Plays

Our interpretive products encompass 21 North American basin models and are created by our in-house geologists using a consistent interpretation method. All TGS geological data is ready-to-deliver or made to order through R360TM or the TGS Data Lake API (including OSDU).

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TGS Landing Zone Takes Flight in Well Data Analytics for the Upgraded Eagle Ford Stratigraphic Model

The upgraded Eagle Ford Stratigraphic Model includes an additional 13,000 hand-picked tops across 800 wells with the addition of eight new formations delineating stratigraphy between the Frio and Wilcox Formations. All 30,000 formation tops, at 27 formation levels, were interpreted by an in-house expert geologist and are integrated into Well Data Analytics via TGS Landing Zone to accurately identify the producing zone for every well.

Save Time, Simplify Workflows and Improve Accuracy

You can visually explore the characteristics of each TGS Landing Zone in Well Data Analytics in several ways: through spatial visualization as a searchable attribute, via graphical representations such as production plots or type curves, or with a gun barrel diagram for assessing wellbore spacing attributes. Additionally, structure maps are accessible as map layers, facilitating multivariate analysis.

The new Eagle Ford Stratigraphic Model extends from the Maverick Basin, through the San Marcos Arch, to the margin of the East Texas Basin. Key updates include:

  • Delineation of shallower formations used in carbon storage
  • Higher density of picks in primary production zones
  • Addition of deep stratigraphy
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