We believe that conducting our operations in a sustainable manner is not only essential to our success, but also to the prosperity of our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work. In 2020, TGS received "A-" rating from the Governance Group on ESG. Each year the Governance Group assesses the sustainability reporting of the 100 largest companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Energy starts with us, and to be the leading energy information company with the best people, quality and service means our geoscientific data and solutions, including the multi-client model and data reprocessing, must help our customers be more sustainable when exploring energy opportunities.

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Our Commitment to Transparency

We believe that strong leadership and transparency in our corporate governance is necessary to successfully incorporating and promoting sustainability within the company and our industry.


Our Commitment to the Environment

We believe that our multi-client business model not only benefits customers commercially, but also is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly business model than the alternative of proprietary acquisition. Further, we remain committed to understanding the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in its operations and finding ways to reduce its impact as well as minimizing and mitigating the impact that our activities have on the marine and land environments and communities around them.


Our Commitment to People

We believe our single greatest asset is our employee base. To that end, TGS creates and ensures we operate in an environment where our employees have the opportunity to achieve excellence every day.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Operations
We are committed to conducting operations in a sustainable manner and we expects our partners, suppliers and vendors to share our commitment to these values.