OSLO, Norway (22 July 2022) - TGS has made the first phase of project deliverables for their East Coast India reprocessing project available to project participants. Final 2D-cubed, workstation-ready data will be delivered by the end of July 2022.

The TGS East Coast India 2D-cubed project encompasses hundreds of thousands of kilometers of existing 2D data across an area of over half a million square kilometers offshore India’s east coast. The comprehensive project utilizes TGS’ proprietary 2D-cubed technology - a solution for generating a 3D seismic migration volume from a set of 2D seismic lines - to create a single conformable, easily accessible dataset designed to encourage and assist exploration endeavors offshore India.

Will Ashby, Executive Vice President - Eastern Hemisphere at TGS, commented: ”This new dataset is one of many TGS initiatives providing seismic to boost exploration across Asia. It will allow explorers to better develop regional models in their pre-study evaluation process. Access to this data will also increase confidence in license round decision-making processes and maximize the potential of existing seismic data in the region by employing innovative processing techniques.”

India Horizon from QC volume

Fast-tracked 2D-cubed results provide promising insights as to how this exploration tool can enhance offshore evaluation processes

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