OSLO, NORWAY (May 13, 2009) - PGS and TGS announce a new high density MultiClient 3D survey in Quad 211 in the East Shetland Basin (ESB) of the UK Northern North Sea. The ESB09 3D survey is highly prefunded and represents a joint investment for PGS and TGS for the North Sea summer season.

Quad 211 is home to many of the best known production fields in the North Sea, including Brent, Hutton and Cormorant. The new 3D survey is expected to offer a significant improvement in understanding of the geology of the area and uncover additional hydrocarbon accumulations.

ESB09 will employ the most modern HD3D technology. The Ramform Viking commenced mobilization in late-April, with 16 streamers at 50 meter separation. The survey is being acquired and operated by PGS. PGS and TGS will cooperate in marketing the data.

"We expect to unveil new perspectives on the prospectivity of this historically prolific area," said Per Arild Reksnes, President Marine EAME. "Previous knowledge of Quad 211 is piecemeal and includes a number of older surveys. This single, contiguous high density dataset will offer a clearer image of the entire play."

"After a few years without new multi-client 3D projects on UK sector, I am very pleased that we now are back in this business segment, and that the partner is PGS on this particular investment. The ESB09 survey is located in the core area of the UK Northern North Sea and the purpose is to image and throw light on additional exploration potential across open and held acreage in the region" said Kjell Trommestad, VP and General Manager EU/RU for TGS.