OSLO, Norway (31 May 2023) – TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has announced the development of a Facies Map Browser (FMB) for East Coast India. This project builds on the extensive 2Dcubed seismic data available across the India East Coast 2D and over 20 years of development of the FMB tool by TGS geoscience teams.  Final deliverables are expected to be available for download in Q3 of 2023 and are being developed with full Industry support. 

The East Coast India FMB will provide extensive access to well-based stratigraphic interpretation and sequence-constrained facies maps. Current well data will be analyzed and interpreted using a developed sequence stratigraphic framework harmonized across the basins. Lithological and other log properties can be queried at various levels and displayed in table format or on maps for demonstrable purposes. The detailed Gross Depositional Environment (GDE) maps are developed utilizing all available data. This includes the seismic interpretation of the East India 2Dcubed dataset with geological understanding developed from well analysis, and the regional synthesis of the data.

FMB well and map datasets are delivered via our easy-to-use desktop browser, allowing users to query and visualize interpreted wells and facies maps and quick access to source data and a regional cross-border stratigraphic framework.

This is the first phase in FMB development for the region. Utilizing a wealth of high-quality seismic data in the TGS database and the FMB workflows will enable a fast-track understanding of the regional geology and play fairways.

Will Ashby, Executive Vice President, Eastern Hemisphere at TGS, comments, “TGS has built an expansive data library across India and the broader Asia Pacific region. We are excited that our FMB technology, which has a long-established history in Northwest Europe and the Americas, is now being utilized to support exploration activity in India.”

To arrange an overview of the project, please contact verity.agar@tgs.com

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