OSLO, Norway (26 April 2023)  TGS | 4C Offshore, a global energy data and intelligence provider, has announced the introduction of offshore wind regulatory 'cheat sheets' alongside their industry-leading quarterly international wind market intelligence reports. A high-level compendium of regulatory cheat sheets, one per offshore wind market, has been compiled, allowing for a comparative overview of the critical regulations impacting project development in different jurisdictions.

Created by experts in global wind markets and designed to help professionals in the offshore wind sector navigate complex regulations, these cheat sheets are a valuable resource for anyone involved in offshore wind project development, construction, or operations.

The cheat sheets cover a range of topics, including site identification and leasing, project permitting, localization requirements, routes to revenue (securing offtake agreements), and offshore transmission responsibilities. They are designed to be easy to read and use, with clear explanations to simplify complex regulatory requirements.

"Regulations across the many different markets in the offshore wind industry are complex and constantly changing. As a result, details are often dispersed and assumed," said Richard Aukland, Director of Research at TGS | 4C Offshore. "Our cheat sheets provide an easy-to-use reference guide that can help professionals stay up-to-date with the latest offshore wind energy development frameworks, all in one place. This is increasingly critical when trying to understand the processes, timescales and hurdles involved in bringing projects to market. The recent introduction of accelerated permitting in some European markets adds another layer of consideration."

TGS | 4C Offshore is committed to supporting the growth and development of the wind energy industry by providing innovative intelligence, data, and insights to help wind developers make the best decisions. With the introduction of its new regulatory cheat sheets, TGS | 4C Offshore is proud to continue this tradition of excellence and support.

For more information about the wind industry regulatory cheat sheets or to request a copy, please visit 4coffshore.com

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