HOUSTON (4 OCT 2016) TGS has completed acquisition of its 186,000 kilometer Gigante seismic survey in Mexico.  Acquisition of this survey began in June 2015 with five seismic vessels contracted to acquire a dense, modern, long offset regional 2D seismic grid.

Processing of the Gigante survey is ongoing with fast track PSTM and preliminary PSDM products available in advance of the scheduled licensing rounds.  Early interpretations of the seismic continue to shed new light on the geology in this region.  Combined with TGS' multibeam, coring and geochemical analysis this data is allowing geoscientists to evaluate the whole basin at a detailed level for the first time.  TGS expects to complete the Gigante multibeam bathymetry coverage in early October and the seafloor coring in December. 

"This is a significant milestone for TGS, representing the culmination of many years of planning, preparation and operational excellence from our team.  Gigante is the single largest 2D seismic survey ever acquired by TGS and we are delighted by our clients' response to the data quality and complementary products," commented Kristian Johansen, CEO, TGS.