HOUSTON (11 May 2012) - TGS announced today that its Geological Products division purchased all the outstanding shares of Volant Solutions Inc. 

Volant is a small, six-employee technology company based in Houston that provides integration solutions for E&P companies to address the challenges of managing ever increasing quantities of geotechnical data. This integration of internal and external data sources with geoscience applications used by the industry enables scientists and engineers to reduce interpretation cycle time and increase efficiency. 

"Volant Solutions is adept at helping clients connect many types of well data to multiple geoscience applications", stated John Adamick, Senior Vice President of Geologic Products. "Their EnerConnect™ and ENVOY™ software solutions are unique products that provide tremendous benefits to oil and gas companies. We are excited by the opportunity to help Volant grow their business and to simultaneously increase the connectivity of TGS well data sets." 

Scott Schneider, CEO of Volant Solutions also commented, "We look forward to working with TGS to integrate TGS' broad suite of data products with our integration technology in order to provide customers with more efficient access to and usage of TGS data products within their interpretation processes. Volant has developed a robust software solution that facilitates the integration of the leading geoscience databases and applications - the key ingredient that we've been missing is the tight integration with vendor data. With the combination of TGS and Volant, we are now capable of providing geoscientists with complete visibility into a vast array of data products directly from their desktops. Volant is extremely excited about the growth potential of the combined companies."