Asker, Norway (29 September, 2009) - TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) announces that the Freedom Wide Azimuth (WAZ) 3D seismic project in the Gulf of Mexico now has been fully acquired in cooperation with WesternGeco.

The Freedom project was first announced in December of 2007 with the formation of the cooperation agreement between TGS and WesternGeco. Acquisition of the survey began in January of 2008 and was completed on September 19, 2009. Fast track data products are being delivered to customers who have licensed the data. Additional imaging work will continue on the Freedom WAZ project throughout 2010.

Through customer interest and funding, the Freedom WAZ project grew from the original outline of 15,000 square kilometers to the final project outline which totals over 16,600 square kilometers in the Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley areas of the deepwater central Gulf of Mexico.

The WesternGeco WAZ crew is now acquiring the TGS Liberty WAZ project under an extension of the Cooperation Agreement between TGS and WesternGeco. Liberty is a sister project to Freedom WAZ and extends the contiguous Wide Azimuth data coverage by an additional 3,000 square kilometers on the southwest side of Freedom.

Freedom-Wide-Azimuth-3D-Survey (1)