Houston, TX (17 June, 2009) - Further expanding its position as a global well data provider, the Geological Products and Services division of TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) announced today that it will add a substantial number of new logs from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Eritrea to its collection.

This well data will complement TGS' existing seismic data and interpretive studies in the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions. The majority of the new data will come from Australia, with approximately 12,000 wells. Approximately 750 wells from New Zealand and 400 wells from Papua New Guinea will also be added. In East Africa, log and other borehole data from Eritrea will be gathered. The log data from all four countries will be processed and added to LOG-LINE Plus!®, TGS' online log data library.

"This is a key milestone in our quest to provide access to well data assets worldwide," commented John Adamick, Senior Vice President, Geological Products and Services. "We continuously seek new opportunities to add data to our collection, and the addition of these well log assets from these highly prospective regions to LOG-LINE Plus!® is yet another step in our global expansion."

The TGS well log database contains more than 5.6 million well logs from key exploration areas in over two dozen countries worldwide. All data is available to clients via the LOG-LINE Plus!® database which features online access, search tools and immediate download capabilities.