Houston, TX (15 February 2017) TGS, the leading provider of global geoscientific data products and services, today announces the immediate availability of the E&P industry's most comprehensive well database in the Permian Basin.

"As Operators continue to flood into the Permian Basin, the substantial completion of the TGS Permian Basin database could not have been timed better," commented Kristian Johansen, CEO for TGS.  "This information will allow operators to better assess the positions available in the basin, prepare for A&D activity, and ensure the safe, reliable, and optimal production of their acreage positions.  These data sets have undergone rigorous and thorough processing by a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the most complete and broad database available in the industry.  By first validating the well header information itself, identifying all boreholes for each well, and ensuring all data is tied to the right borehole in the right positon, operators can rest assured that they have access to the most accurate commercial information available for their Permian investment."

TGS has created the most complete commercially available database of products in the Permian Basin with over 430,000 wells including thousands of previously unidentified wellbores. TGS now has validated well header data for 357,000 wellbores, raster logs for all wells, digital LAS for over 280,000 wellbores, and production volumes for all producing wells in the basin.  The company also offers forecasted estimated ultimate recoveries (EURs) for each producing well in the basin as well as interpreted formation tops and basin temperature models covering the entire basin. 

The Permian database is available immediately through TGS' R360 and LOG-LINE Plus!® web portals with basin-wide data packages covering the Midland, Delaware, or Central Platform regions, or over the entire Permian Basin.  All data products come with 100% coverage of the wellbore system from surface to TD, have been quality controlled for completeness, and ensure all attributes such as depth, direction, height, and elevation meet the most stringent guidelines for accuracy.

The Permian Basin well data and interpretive products complement new and planned TGS 3D seismic surveys in the basin and puts TGS in the unique position to offer clients a comprehensive, high quality database to evaluate the most prolific basin in the US.