HOUSTON, TX (2 August 2018) - TGS announces expansion of two 2018 onshore seismic surveys, Gloss Mountain 3D and Canton 3D, targeting the high potential Mississippian Chester, Osage and Meramec intervals in the core of the prolific SCOOP/STACK play of the Anadarko Basin. 

The expansion of the Gloss Mountain 3D survey is to the south of the previously announced program, closing the gap with the nearby Canton 3D.  The extension is approximately 600 km2 which will bring the total Gloss Mountain 3D survey to approximately 1,500 km2.

The expansion of the Canton 3D survey is to the east of the original survey, connecting with the existing Hackberry Complex. The extension is approximately 233 km2 which will bring the total Canton 3D survey to approximately 1,400 km2.

Data acquisition on Canton 3D began in Q2 2018 and Gloss Mountain 3D is scheduled to commence in Q4 2018.  These datasets will be processed by TGS utilizing its modern land imaging technology. Final data on both surveys will be available in Q2 2019 with fast track data available earlier.  Gloss Mountain 3D and Canton 3D are complemented by TGS' vast database of geological and interpretive products in the SCOOP/STACK, comprising data from over 100,000 wells and multiple interpretive products, including Basin Temperature Modeling. 

"These significant additions to our onshore library expand upon adjacent TGS seismic data, further strengthening our industry leading geoscience data position in the SCOOP/STACK area.  TGS is optimally positioned to provide our clients with approximately 5,700 km2 of modern, high density and high fold data in the prolific Anadarko Basin," commented Kristian Johansen, CEO for TGS. 

The projects are supported by industry funding. 

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